URBAN DELTAS 8 DAB REVIEW – Amazing Flavors, Potency, and Thin Consistency

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Previously on Dab Connection, we attempted the Urb Finest Flowers cartridge. In this review, we strive for the Urb delta eight dabs. Urb Finest Flowers, that’s the residence emblem of Lifted Made, affords a whole lot of merchandise and lines for his or her dabs. Testing out all 3 in their one-of-a-kind lines, everyone gives you a completely unique flavor and revel in. Furthermore, every taste offers a charming flavor and a robust excessive.


Great tasting lines

High efficiency

Smooth and mellow outcomes


Oil like skinny consistency

Recommendations:  Mainly simply to have one-of-a-kind kinds of extraction techniques. The modern-day oil/shatter-like consistency makes the piece sticky and messy. Otherwise, nothing, those Delta 8 Dabs are terrific.

Extraction Quality: Urb Delta eight dabs supply robust oil great, skinny shatter consistency

Urb best flowers

All lines handing over robust oil great, everyone delivers a completely unique revel in of its own. The simplest factor is, that the oil is inconsistent.

Providing an excellent presentation with their glass containers, I changed into enthusiastic about attempting those D8 dabs. When starting every container, I observed proper away how skinny the oil definitely is. Without judging the great or efficiency, I knew those dabs could be a battle packing right into a dab pen. And they had been, it might get too messy and could be a battle at times. After trying it out on diverse devices, I observed that it smokes pleasant with a rig or nectar collector.

Furthermore, other than that, those dabs deliver a terrific flavor and excessive stage of efficiency. Especially for Delta eight, having reviewed many D8 cartridges before, D8 dabs deliver awful lot nicer outcomes to any cart I’ve attempted. Feeling nearly equal to an everyday excessive, however now no longer as lasting, the efficiency of Urb delta eight days without a doubt amazed me and each different pothead that attempted those with me.

Surprisingly terrific electricity and outcomes for Delta eight

After trying out every pressure, the efficiency and outcomes they supply grew to become out to be higher than expected. After simply one or hits, you may begin feeling outcomes like a regular dab. Especially if focused on a dab rig or in mid-excessive temperatures. The outcomes of Delta eight THC are understood to now no longer be as robust or excessive. But, with Urb Delta eight dabs, they do deliver an excellent excessive.

Authentic lab outcomes

Delta eight lab outcomes

Lab outcomes were furnished with the aid of using Altitude Consulting.

Urb Finest Flowers offer lab outcomes for every and each one in every of their merchandise. They additionally offer lab outcomes for all 3 in their lines. You can locate the web page in their lab outcomes here.

Urb Delta eight Maui Wowie- smells neutral, however, tastes an awful lot higher

Delta eight

Providing a terrific, candy flavor, Maui Wowie gives you flavorful hits and is the lightest oil satiation of the 3.

Opening Maui Wowie, I wasn’t capable of odor an awful lot from this precise pressure. The relaxation of the dabs gave a first-rate, candy odor to it. So I changed into questioning if this pressure is probably a greater flowery flavor. I changed into wrong, Maui Wowie offers a terrific, candy flavor. Can’t without a doubt say what form of candy tastes it’s miles, however, it’s miles gratifying and really tasteful. Enjoyable to smoke, those supply very first-rate outcomes.

Urb Delta eight Banana Runtz- Smooth, candy, and pretty mild flavor

Urb best flowers

Giving extremely a lighter flavor than the alternative lines, this pressure nonetheless affords a terrific, candy banana flavor.

As for this pressure, it tasted precisely like the way you’d assume it to be. Giving a smooth, mild, and tasteful banana taste, Banana Runtz offers a completely pleasurable revel in as properly. Personally, this pressure definitely rings a bell in my memory of a Leafy Taffy banana tasting sweet, or simply any type of banana taste tough sweet. Providing equal outcomes and stage of efficiency because the others, I endorse this maximum to individuals who revel in an excellent, fruity banana taste.

Urb D8 Watermelon Zkittlez- my non-public preferred

urb delta eight

Being one of my preferred tasting dabs of the 3, this pressure gives you a terrific, sensational taste.

Being my preferred pressure, Watermelon Zkittles offers a charming flavor. Great tasting terpenes, this educate offers a terrific taste, tasting like watermelon sweet or a few sort. Even simply smelling it, this pressure is the pleasant smelling and tasting one, now no longer simply coming from me. If needed to pick, I could go along with this pressure any day, however, all of them deliver terrific outcomes and efficiency.

Great electricity, now no longer the smoothest, however, relies upon the way you smoke it

If you had been to smoke those dabs on a rig, nectar collector (that’s preferred), or something at an excessive temperature, it is able to be harsh. It will absolutely get you coughing, although you’re a skilled smoker. With a wax pen, it won’t be as horrific. But, if you’re acquainted with how harsh D8 distillate is on carts then you will be acquainted with the cruel hits. These dabs aren’t as horrific as maximum D8 carts, however as I said, might also additionally nonetheless be barely harsh for a few. Especially for novices and primary timers.