Fabrics according to different occasions

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There are a number of fabrics available in the market. Whether online or offline, there are a number of options available. One can choose the attire or their preferred material easily. But usually, people are unaware of which fabric is suitable for different occasions. People usually get confused among other fabrics while choosing appropriate attire. One should choose the dress keeping in view three factors:

  1. The event on which the dress is to be worn,
  2. Season in which one is going to wear it,
  3. Whether one is going to wear it occasionally or regularly.

Here is a list of fabrics/materials that one can choose while using an attire:

  • Wool: clothes made of wool are usually worn during winters as this fabric is warm and looks elegant. It is also a versatile fabric and the best choice while going for suits. If one has to choose an outfit for work/job, interviews, and for regular use as well, one can go for wool as it is a breathable fabric. It gives a classy and wrinkle-free look. It is not advisable for people to prefer skin fit as it is regarded as quite a bulky fabric.
  • Cotton: Cotton clothes are preferred in summers as it is regarded as a fabulous fabric. People like these because of the comfort it provides. It is a very lightweight fabric and looks fantastic as well. But if one has to wear on a regular basis as a work suit, one should go for heavier cotton. It is suitable for formal occasions, and one can wear it at the workplace.
  • Linen: this fabric is mostly preferred in summers and when one has to carry a casual look. It is regarded as the lightest and most breathable fabric for suits. One can carry a linen fabric look for a summer party or wedding functions. It is not advisable to hardwear the same because it easily gets wrinkled. Men usually prefer outfits made up of linen, but ladies can also carry the look well in dark shades of the same to look formal.
  • Silk: One wearing silk attire usually stands out among others in a gathering. It is regarded as one of the most costly fabrics but looks extremely elegant. It is a very comfortable and breathable fabric, so one feels comfortable and confident too while carrying a silk outfit look. It is suitable in all seasons and looks luxurious at work or gatherings.
  • Velvet: Velvet suits usually give a glamorous look, and the person wearing the same feels confident while wearing a velvet outfit. It is not preferred for the workplace or office, but one can wear it at glamorous parties or gatherings. It will make the person look stand out and give an elegant look.
  • Cashmere: This fabric has a shine to the attire. This fabric is comfortable but has a slight shimmer in it. Because of the shine, it is not advisable to wear it at a workplace but an excellent option for a party or gathering.

It is good to have little knowledge of the fabrics while choosing outfits for different occasions.