Unknown persons staged a stabbing in a gardening partnership in Moscow

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In the gardening partnership “Velvet Roscha” in Moscow, two unknown persons staged a stabbing. This was announced on Friday, August 7, by the TV channel “360” with reference to a source in the city’s emergency services.

According to the TV channel, one of the victims was taken to the hospital. Doctors fixed stab and cut wounds on his chest and chin. According to the source, the man went outside to check why his dog was barking. At that moment he was attacked.

It is noted that after his wife called the police, it became known that unknown persons had wounded eight more residents of the partnership. A total of nine people were injured. The condition of the rest of the victims was not reported.

On August 5, it was reported that a taxi passenger attacked a driver in western Moscow with a knife. There was a conflict between the taxi driver and the passenger, as a result of which the latter stabbed the man in the arm.

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