United States: weekly jobless claims at their highest since August

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Washington | Weekly jobless claims in the United States unexpectedly rebounded last week, showing the fragility of the economic recovery, when the adoption of a new stimulus package seems uncertain, three weeks before presidential election.

Between October 4 and 10, 898,000 people were unemployed, according to figures released Thursday by the Department of Labor. This is the highest level since August, showing that the labor market is struggling to recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The previous week, they were 845,000, a figure revised upwards.

The number of unemployed Americans, published one week later, is down: they were 10 million between September 27 and October 3, compared to 11.2 million the previous week, according to upward revised data.

In total, just over 25 million people are registered for assistance because they are unemployed, if we add those who have lost their jobs or seen their income fall, but cannot touch it. unemployment benefit.

The additional assistance of 600 dollars per week, decided by the government in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, stopped at the end of July, and, since, it is assistance in the reduced amount which is paid to the Americans, in part. by each federated state, and the other by the federal government.

Of the 50 states, only 45 have agreed to put their hands in their pockets, so residents of the other five do not receive this special aid.

The Trump administration and Congressional Democrats have been discussing for three months to try to pass a new plan to support the economy, which would include a package of new measures for the unemployed.

But the negotiations are deadlocked, the two sides failing to agree on the total amount and on certain priorities. The chances of an agreement being reached before the presidential election on November 3 have become very low.

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