Unemployed residents of the Tver region opened their own business

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For eight months in the Tver region, 75 unemployed have opened their own business. This was reported by the regional government.

From January to August 2020, about 10 thousand residents of the region got jobs. Of these, 75 people started their own business, 898 went to vocational training, and another 500 were temporarily employed in community service. To date, 14 thousand vacancies have been opened in the Tver region.

– We must give the residents of the region the opportunity to realize their abilities in the Tver region and thus make a daily contribution to the development of the economy of the Upper Volga region, – Igor Rudenya believes.

Today, the most demanded specialties are engineers, locksmiths, electric and gas welders, electricians, process plant operators, electricians, turners, mechanics and other specialties.

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