UN Secretary General compared the coming year with 1945

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In 2021, humanity is going through a period like in 1945. This was stated by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, speaking at an event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the first meeting of the UN General Assembly, held in London.

“But this is not 1945. Today’s war is being waged against a microscopic virus. Tomorrow may start against terrorists in cyberspace, ”he recalled during the broadcast on the UN page in Twitter

People are still losing a long battle with climate change, Guterres said. Conflict is not a matter of military or economic power. There remains a need for cooperation between countries, expanding the representation in the meaning of these words, he added.

“We must turn our global system into a global partnership,” the UN Secretary General added.

In December, Guterres warned that the world could face its worst economic slowdown in 80 years due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. According to him, the actions of the countries were uncoordinated, and with the distribution of the vaccine against COVID-19, this situation must be corrected.

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