UN calls on billionaires to help save hungry people around the world

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The Executive Director of the World Food Program (the UN food aid body) David Beasley has called on businesses and billionaires to help save 30 million people around the world who are facing starvation in the coming year, CNBC writes on September 18.

According to him, the UN needs $ 4.9 billion to feed those at risk within one year. At the same time, Beasley stressed that there are more than 2 thousand billionaires in the world, whose fortune is estimated at $ 8 trillion.

“Some of them made billions during the pandemic. I am not opposed to their capitals growing, but humanity is facing the greatest crisis that we have ever seen in life, ”he said.

Beasley stressed that the threat of a wave of hunger sweeping the world remains, and urged countries and private businesses to step up their efforts.

“It’s time for those with more to take a step forward to help those with less at this extraordinary time in world history. Show that you truly love your neighbor. The world needs you right now, and it’s time to do the right thing, ”he concluded.

In late August, Beasley warned of the threat of a famine of “biblical proportions” from the coronavirus pandemic.

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