Ukrainians transported the saltpeter that exploded in Beirut

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The Ukrainian crew transported the ammonium nitrate confiscated in Beirut from the Rhosus vessel, Svetlana Fabrikant, a representative of the Assol Seamen Aid Fund, said on August 5.

According to her, the ship belonged to a Russian citizen Igor Grechushkin, the captain was also a Russian citizen, the rest of the crew consisted of seven Ukrainians.

In 2013, the ship Rhosus with a cargo of ammonium nitrate left Batumi and headed to Mozambique, but due to technical problems entered the port of Beirut.

The manufacturer assured that Grechushkin decided not to service the ship, and as a result, it could not reach its destination. The Lebanese authorities released four of the junior crew members from the ship, while the commanding staff remained on the ship for 11 months.

“They lived on an immobilized ship with no livelihood, no food and no support. Forced they lived there in very difficult conditions, guarding this ship and cargo. Also, the consignee of the cargo in Mozambique refused to look for another vessel, “- quotes a representative of the fund” “.

Then the crew still received the documents and was able to return home, but the cargo was seized as a security for port dues. The ship itself sank two years ago.

On August 4, a powerful explosion thundered in the port of Beirut, killing 137 people, about 5 thousand were injured. Another 300 thousand people lost their homes, and several dozen are missing.

The explosion damaged and destroyed more than a hundred buildings. It is assumed that 2.7 tons of nitrate exploded. The authorities estimated the damage at several billion dollars.

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