Ukraine will rewrite textbooks in the framework of gender equality

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Ukraine plans to amend textbooks by 2024 to achieve gender equality as part of the Biarritz Partnership, an international initiative for equal rights and opportunities for all. According to the Minister of Education and Science of the country Sergei Shkarlet, the state had earlier received the official status of a participant in the Biarritz Partnership.

The official indicated that the rewriting of textbooks with a gender equality perspective has begun.

“Mom is not the only one who can wash the frame. We are already working on publishing new textbooks, there is an implementation plan, ”explained Shkarlet.

He also clarified that “mom” and “dad” in “parent 1” and in “parent 2” will not be renamed. The minister said that the task of legalizing same-sex marriages was not set.

The Biaritz Partnership is overseen by the office of the First Lady of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya.

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