Ukraine proposed to hold a referendum on the legalization of marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana and prostitution in Ukraine should be resolved in a referendum format. This was stated on September 8 by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the country Anton Gerashchenko.

“Someday we will come to this too, but so far the society is not ready for this,” he explained his opinion on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel. As the deputy minister added, we are talking about the legalization of the use of marijuana only for treatment.

Only those who have received a doctor’s prescription should be eligible to use drugs. Prescribing marijuana should only be used if the drugs cannot be substituted for others.

Gerashchenko also supported the position of Germany on prostitution. He recalled that the activities of prostitutes there are allowed, they pay taxes, and the country provides them with regular medical examinations.

Earlier, the chief narcologist of the Russian Ministry of Health Yevgeny Brun expressed concern about the intention of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to study the possibility of producing hemp-based drugs. The doctor stressed that the legalization of drugs, expanding in the West, is very dangerous.

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