Ukraine fails to force citizens to abandon the Russian language

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In Ukraine, the school space remains bilingual, says Oksana Danilevskaya, Candidate of Philology. It is reported by “Strana”.

During the event called “National Round Table” Speech “, the philologist stated:” If at the beginning of the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence in 1991, only 47% of schoolchildren studied in the Ukrainian language, today there are already 90% of them. ” At the same time, with the exception of the western regions, subjects are read in Ukrainian, and during breaks the students speak Russian to each other. In the same language, teachers communicate with parents. “Children accept that the school has clear rules. And the rule should be the same for everyone: if a school is a Ukrainian language of instruction, then, of course, teachers should use this language without showing double standards: when they use Ukrainian in the classroom, and when the call rang, they go out into the corridor and switch to Russian, ”Danilevskaya summed up.

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