UK: Meghan Markle wins lawsuit against tabloid for privacy breach

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Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle on Thursday won her UK lawsuit against tabloid publisher Mail on Sunday, which she was suing for breach of privacy after the publication of a letter to his father.

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“The applicant could reasonably have expected that the contents of the letter would remain private,” said Judge Mark Warby.

The latter had been called in January by Meghan Markle’s lawyers to rule, without waiting for a trial which could have turned out to be rich in revelations about the life of the couple, installed in California since his removal from the British monarchy.

A hearing to determine the next steps in the proceedings has been set for March 2.

The 39-year-old former American actress criticized Associated Newspapers (which publishes the Mail Online site, the Daily Mail and its Sunday version Mail on Sunday) for invading her privacy by posting extracts from a handwritten letter addressed in August 2018 to her father Thomas Markle, 76, with whom she is cold.

The letter was written months after her wedding to Harry in May, which her father had not attended due to health concerns, after posing for paid paparazzi photos. She asks Thomas Markle to stop pouring out and lying in the media about their broken relationship.

Meghan’s lawyers had denounced “the illegal publication of a private letter” and submitted a request for “summary judgment” to win the case without going to trial.

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