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Nail polishes are one of the most essential components that women invest in. Think about it that you bought a new nail polish, but it soon dries out. This is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. That is why nail polish bottles are so important. They just prevent the liquid inside from drying out and keep them safe as well. The next thing is that these bottles are really cute. There is a different kind of nail polish packaging. Nowadays, every brand has a different packaging style for each and every different set of their nail polish. These bottles are small and portable, so that you can easily carry it with you inside your bag. There are different types of packaging available in the market. The easier it is to handle the more the women are going to like the packaging. With so many products in the market, the competition has increased as well. There are different kinds of nail polishes on the market. And with this, the game for new bottles have also gained much attention. Now, you will a thousands of different kinds of nail polish in different bottles. Have you ever wonder why they always go for different bottles, when the nail paint inside the bottle is almost same? Well, these custom printed bottles are a way of promoting a business. Not only this, people can’t see the paint inside. What they are going to see is the bottle first. SO, when you are buying one nail color and rejecting the other, this has to do something with the bottle as well. Here are few of the latest trends that we have seen regarding the printed nail polish boxes.


This is something I just recently noticed. These are dropper styles bottles. You have to take out the nail paint via the dropper on top of it. Although, I guess it might get a bit messy. But, still, the bottle is worth going for. You don’t have to worry about the nail polish getting dried off around the cap making it impossible to open. You can even take out a little bit of the nail polish in an old bottle and use it daily. Then take a new one out when the last one is finished.


This is also something new and unimaginable in the market. These roll-on bottles just like the one for perfumes. You have to roll the nail paint over your nails to get the color. Can’t imagine how these work but these bottles are really taking over the market and soon they are going to be a lot of them as well.


The most recent and successful addition among these are these spray cans. You don’t have to now use the brush to apply the paint. Just spray it on your fingers to get the color. These bottles were launched first by Nails Inc. But, to the disappointment, it was not available all over the world. Now, they are, as there are more shades launched by different companies as well in the same packaging style. The benefit of these is that they give a fine coat over them without you were applying too much of it.


We have been using the traditional style nail polish bottles with a brush cap. But, now things have changed. This is because of the nail art trend that is increasing day by day. Now, we don’t usually use those bottle brushes and have to invest in different size brushes as well. Seeing this, some companies have started omitting brushes from their wholesale nail polish boxes. Instead, they have started going for round and square shaped bottles. These bottles are of the right size to contain enough nail paints in it. You can use a brush of the right size to apply the paint. These nail polish will be ideal for those who are interested in nail arts.


We have become a lot more creative with everything we have. That is true for nail colors as well. For that, we have to take help of experts as not all of us knows how to get the right grip to paint our nails. But, now this isn’t going to be a problem anymore. The credit goes to the new nail color pens. These pens are just normal stationary pens with a fine tip. You can use it make dots or designs on your nails. Or even you can color your nails up. The thing that is best about these is that they give you a fine grip. This is something that you cant have with commercial custom nail polish bottles.


Now, one more unique addition to these custom printed nail polish bottle wholesale is the stamp bottles. These bottles are again good for nail arts. You don’t have to apply continuous strokes to get the right color. Just one punch and your nails are good to go.


These were some of the unique styles that we have seen recently. Besides, them there are thousands of different nail polish packaging as well. Most of them include fancy nail polish bottles and caps. These are of different sizes and shades. Some have small caps while other have a long slender design. There is a shift from glass to plastic bottles as well. The reason is that glass bottles are hard to carry and have a chance to break. So, avoid these accidents by purchasing a custom printed nail polish box that is in plastic. These boxes are available at wholesale prices as well, that makes it pretty affordable as well.


Nail polishes are one of the parts of every women’s life. There are different styles of bottles that you can find in the market. The aim of every company is to design a packaging that is unique to them only. With the changing trends, the packaging ideas are also changing. There are different style bottles available on the market now. These bottles are now becoming a great center of attention.