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The realm of SEO is fascinating. Google introduce a search engine ranking algorithm multiple times every year. Last year’s SEO strategy may not perform this year, and today’s SEO strategy may not work the year after.

There are several types of SEO agencies that work to help the creators in finding a loophole in their websites and issues that are restraining the page to rank higher on the Google search. Below are the points to keep in mind for increasing the website traffic along with the services of SEO audit.

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SEO Techniques to increase traffic

In this article, you will learn effective SEO techniques that will help you to increase your site’s organic traffic. By learning these techniques you will be able to work on improving the visibility and traffic of your website.  Let’s get started without any delay.

Compete with your competitors

It is always better to know the SEO strategies and working of your competitors’ websites. Analyse and understand their approach and compete against SERPs. Researching your competitor’s website can give you an idea about keywords, and links that can help you to find the way where the traffic is coming from. The SEO audit service provides a whole strategy to attract tons of website traffic. This will help you to determine potential areas to put your efforts at page level instead of keyword level.

 Content Strategy  

While creating a content strategy, you should focus on areas like Optimizing existing content and creating new content.

Optimizing existing content is the most effective starting point for improving the content. Content should be created with a purpose and should take a mole of time to plan out an SEO strategy. The SEO audit services will provide you with a list of things that need to be optimised for attracting traffic to your website.

Organic CTR

Optimizing CTR as a ranking factor helps to improve website traffic. The title tag and Meta description play a major role in bringing traffic to the website organically. To have an impact on or improve organic CTR, you should :

  • Determine the best title tag, having different tags but the same description might help you.
  •  Determine the best description, you can have different descriptions for the same title and headings.
  •  Optimize for ‘People Also Ask’

The SEOs need to have their strategies to take advantage of more SERPs features. The utilisation of the ‘People also Asks’ sections are the most effective way to increase traffic to your websites organically.

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You might also be wondering Why you should concern about people Also Ask?

Here are a couple of things that will clear your doubt. 

  • Helping to Rank 1
  • Helping to appear at the top of SERPs
  • Can be used as query refinement for the question that Google cannot answer.
  • Backlinks

Building quality backlinks can be difficult but is an effective trick to increase website traffic organically. You are free to switch similar content with the broken link which will help you to avoid a bad user experience. SEO audit services are ideal to provide backlinks to avoid your website from being interesting in fraud links and having a bad user experience.


Supporting Content

Google ranks the best result for any search, thus it is important to optimise your topics and not only the keywords. Some more in-depth pages can answer specific questions and allows you to create long-tail keywords. The SEO audit services will help you in keyword research that allows you to rank higher in Google search results.

Creating content on the new trendy topics is also important to increase website traffic. 

Google emphasises page and user experience as ranking factors. The focus is on-page UX elements like:

  • Mobile-friendliness 
  •  Safe-browsing
  • HTTP

Core web Vitals have become a ranking factor for increasing website traffic organically. Core Web Vitals can be defined as the web vitals that apply to all web pages and resurfaced overall google tools. Each core web vitals represent a different user experience.

Importance of Image Search 

Making use of image search is the easiest way to attract traffic to your website. Visual searching is the new SEO technique, with image search you can rank your page on image SERPs.

What to consider while optimising Image search? The best service of SEO audit is helping to optimize for image search.

Below are the points to consider while optimising image search:

  • Alt tags
  • File names
  • Resizing images to the needed dimensions
  • Reducing file sizes
  • Creating an image sitemap
  • Hosting your images on a CDN


If you want to rank higher in Google search then you have to increase the usage of SEO techniques. Take sufficient time to learn SEO techniques to increase website traffic organically. The above article will help you to increase website traffic. Follow the above-mentioned points and you can get the results you desire.