Two more residents of Tatarstan became victims of coronavirus

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Two more deaths from coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Tatarstan. This was reported by the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan.

A 51-year-old resident of the capital of the republic was admitted to the covid-hospital on the basis of City Clinical Hospital No. 7 with community-acquired, severe bilateral pneumonia. The coronavirus was diagnosed as a result of laboratory tests. The patient’s condition was complicated by chronic diseases. The treatment carried out did not give results, the death of the woman was recorded on June 15.

The second victim of COVID was a 75-year-old resident of Nizhnekamsk. She was hospitalized with community-acquired bilateral polysegmental focal viral pneumonia in a temporary covid hospital at the Central District Hospital. The patient’s condition was complicated by the exacerbation of the chronic disease. Death occurred on July 31st.

In both cases, the causes of death were established as a result of the pathological and anatomical examination. The results were released only on 12 August.

The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Tatarstan has reached 51.

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