Twelve-year-old boy finds rare dinosaur skeleton

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A 12-year-old boy made a unique paleontological discovery – he found the skeleton of a dinosaur, which is 69 million years old.

A child with his father walked in the fossil-rich province of Alberta in Canada. At one point, the attentive boy noticed bones sticking out of the rock. A group of paleontologists arrived at the scene.

Nathan Khrushki admitted that when he first saw the bones, he “literally lost his voice.”

“I was so shocked that I actually found dinosaur bones,” the young paleontologist admitted to BBC News.

Nathan has been interested in dinosaurs since the age of six, and he often visited the reserve with his father. He was fascinated by the fossilized bones.

When Nathan made the find, returning home, he and his father went to the website of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, which is located in Alberta, and contacted its staff. At the museum, they were told to send photographs and GPS coordinates, which they did.

It should be noted that this is the first time that dinosaur bones have been found in this part of the reserve. Paleontologists have stated that the bone belongs to Hadrosaurus.

The museum says the find is of great scientific importance, as the fossil is about 69 million years old and records from that period are extremely rare.

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