Tutors for children with autism will work in Astrakhan

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The Astrakhan Center for Correction and Development is implementing an additional general educational general developmental school preparation program for children with mental retardation. Educator of the center Natalia Sashina was trained on the basis of the Federal Resource Center for the organization of comprehensive support for children with autism spectrum disorders “Tutor support for students with ASD”, and shared the knowledge and experience with colleagues, reports “Astrakhan 24”.

“We discussed the issues of tutoring support for children with ASD, the features and specifics of the work program. The most important emphasis in the framework of the seminar we made on the fact that the tutor must first of all ensure that the child fully trusts him, turns to him for help and receives hints from the tutor. This is the only way he can become successful and not be afraid to study and communicate with adults and peers, ”noted Natalia Sashina. The task of a tutor is to give freedom of thought and action, teach to take responsibility, etc.

In Moscow, activists announced the launch of a project that will help law enforcement officials learn to interact with people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Today, law enforcement officials do not have any instructions or guidelines on how to define a person with autism, and as a result, like people with other behavioral disorders, they are often confused with drunk or under the influence of drugs. This also applies to people with dementia. Misunderstanding leads to the emergence of conflict situations in which neither the one nor the other party is really interested, experts note.

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