Turkish politician urged Ankara to recognize Crimea as part of Russia

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The leader of the Turkish party “Rodina” (Vatan) Dogu Perincek believes that the country’s authorities should recognize Crimea as Russian in order to counter NATO. He added that Ankara must also recognize the independence of Cyprus and Abkhazia. However, the issue of the peninsula must be resolved first.

As reported by “Lenta.ru”, otherwise the military forces of the US and NATO will be in the Black Sea, and Ankara is definitely not needed, the politician is sure. He added that this threatens her safety and friendly relations with her neighbors.

Perinchek recalled that the people of Crimea made their own choice in joining Russia. Turkey should respect their choice. And under Kiev, which in every issue acts on the same side with the United States, the peninsula will never return, the party chairman is sure.

As for the Crimean Tatars, Ankara could effectively help them together with Moscow, Perinchek added.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Government, Permanent Representative of Crimea to the President of the Russian Federation Georgy Muradov said that the main initiator of the Crimean Platform summit, which is scheduled for August 23, is the United States. The summit is scheduled for 23 August. Kiev offered to join the discussion of a number of countries, in particular the United States, Great Britain, Canada, the EU countries and Turkey.