The Russians were told about the sanctions for early repayment of the loan

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Lawyers gave the Russians advice on what to do if the bank fined for early repayment of the loan.

Since 2011, Russians have the right to close a loan earlier than the term stipulated in the agreement. Banks are required to provide borrowers with the ability to do this without additional payments or commissions.

It may turn out that there is no such clause in the agreement with the bank. In such a case, the borrower should notify the bank 30 days in advance of the intention to repay the loan.

Sometimes, in spite of the law, credit organizations consider such actions of borrowers to be a violation of the agreement and charge fines. “If the bank employees refuse to accept your application or hinder you in any other way, ask to justify the actions in writing. Such a document will subsequently help you protect your rights “– says lawyer Yegor Redin.

The fine must be challenged. Write a statement demanding the return of the commission or a fine for early repayment of the loan, referring to Article 809 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Did not help? Go to court, advises lawyer Alexei Gavrishev.

Having repaid the loan, take a document confirming this from the bank, advised the lawyers in an interview with the Prime agency.

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