Turkey deployed S-400 complexes before testing near the Black Sea Sinop

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The Turkish Armed Forces deployed S-400 anti-missile systems for testing in the area of ​​the test site near the Black Sea city of Sinop. The American edition of Defense News writes about it.

According to Turkish military sources, the tests will take place at the Sinop test site. All civil flights between Sinop and Unyeo east of the range at an altitude of up to 7.5 thousand meters were prohibited. The missiles will be launched in an easterly direction; 10 air targets were brought in for testing – the British Banshee satellites.

Also, from 13 to 16 October in connection with the “shooting practice” will close the area in the Black Sea near the city of Sinop. Mariners were warned about this in the Turkish maritime administration.

According to the Turkish Minute, until October 16, the Turkish military will check the combat readiness of the S-400, as well as the ability to detect and track the radar system, fire control and the capabilities of the communication system.

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