Tunnel found on the border of the USA and Mexico

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US law enforcement has discovered an unfinished but fairly well-equipped underground tunnel on the US-Mexico border. This is reported by The New York Post on August 7.

An underground passage of over 1,300 feet (about 400 m) in length reportedly ran from San Luis, Arizona to San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

The width of the underground passage was about 1 m, the height was 1.2 m.

The unfinished passage has a ventilation system, plumbing, electrical wiring and even a narrow gauge railway.

The tunnel was excavated after a sinkhole was discovered in mid-July at the border between the United States and Mexico.

Earlier, in mid-July, US President Donald Trump said that to date, about 386 km of the wall have been built on the US-Mexican border. According to the politician, by the end of the year its length will be about 724 km.

The promise of building a wall on the southern border of the United States was one of the key promises of Trump’s campaign, which caused the most opposition from the Democrats.

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