Tula woman injured near Novocherkassk was taken out by sanitary aviation

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The Tula injured in an accident was delivered by air ambulance from the Rostov region to Tula.

On the eve of an ambulance helicopter with an avibrigade of the Disaster Medicine Center on board, it made the longest flight with a patient. Tula doctors brought a 26-year-old resident of the regional center from Novocherkassk.

A young woman was involved in an accident on the road of the M-4 highway in the Rostov region. With serious injuries, she was taken to a hospital in the city of Novocherkassk. The patient’s condition did not allow her to be transported to Tula in an ambulance, so it was decided to involve an ambulance.

The transportation was carried out by the air brigade of the Center for Disaster Medicine under the leadership of the resuscitator Irina Timonina. The flight from Novocherkassk took 6 hours. The helicopter landed twice for refueling. During the flight, the doctors monitored the patient’s condition, and if necessary, injected painkillers.

The girl endured the flight well and will continue treatment in the trauma department of the Tula City Clinical Emergency Hospital. D.Ya. Vanykin.

“Forty minutes in the car to the helicopter board was more difficult for the patient than a long helicopter flight. For such patients, sanitary aviation is indispensable“, – said Irina Timonina.

Recall that since the beginning of this year, the aviation medical brigades have evacuated more than 70 residents of the region by helicopter, including 10 children.

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