Tula residents opposed the electrification of Sovremennik through Rogozhinsky Park

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In Tula the day before, on August 12, public hearings were held on the issue of electrification of the Sovremennik residential complex.

“The hearings ended from exhaustion of the parties, so there was no recapoh, ”wrote Nikita Burlakov, a Tula present at the meeting.

In fact, an insoluble contradiction arose between the initiative group of the Rogozhinsky village and the developer of the Sovremennik residential complex. The electric networks will have to be pulled to the high-rise buildings of new buildings through the Rogozhinsky Park, which is recognized as a protected area. It is prohibited to carry out earthworks for electrification in the park.

“The developer has already violated the deadlines, patient real estate investors are tired of waiting for housing, and there is an environmental assessment (up to 2 months) and cable laying (about 1.5 months) ahead”– continues Burlakov. “The impression was that when designing the cable laying, the developer, contractor and administration decided not to bother and make the most obvious and shortest route option, perhaps, without a serious justification for such a decision, without a real search for an alternative.”

So far, the official results of the hearings have not been published.

“We would like to see from Tulenergo variants of another technical solution, not through the park, to see that they at least tried to find other solutions”– explained “MK in Tula” by phone Nikita Burlakov.

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