Trump, triumphant, will preside over his electoral fiasco

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Since his “Mussolin” return to the White House, a significant nest of infection, he has stupidly continued to downplay the severity of the coronavirus and asks Americans not to let covid-19 dominate their lives. However, more than fifteen of his close associates were infected, including his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

The chaos, confusion, contradictions and lies that accompanied his hospitalization and his return to the White House will continue. Business as usual.

And Trump may be even more dangerous now that he’s been released from the hospital. He absorbs a cocktail of drugs with poorly understood side effects.

The polls are catastrophic for him

Most Americans blame him for not taking the pandemic seriously, both in political terms and in personal conduct. Including 50% of Republicans.

To its greatest detriment, the coronavirus has become the centerpiece of the election campaign.

An NBC poll shows Biden is 14 points ahead, 53-39 over Trump. At 65 and over, Biden’s advantage has risen to 27 points.

Old men and white women desert him because of his abrasive behavior during last week’s debate.

In a CNN poll taken after the first debate and after Trump’s infection was made public, 57% of likely voters say they support Biden, and 41% Trump.

For key questions of the presidential campaign, voters polled by CNN indicate they prefer Biden: coronavirus outbreak (59% Biden, 38% Trump); health care (59% to 39%); racial inequality (62% to 36%), Supreme Court appointments (57% to 41%); crime and security (55% to 43%). Biden even surpasses Trump on managing the economy (50% Biden, 48% Trump).

As we know, the race for the White House will be decided by a handful of pivotal states which determine the outcome in the Electoral College.

Biden leads in several of them, but with margins narrower than his national advantage.

Likely voters are more inclined to view Biden as the candidate who would unite the country (61% Biden vs. 33% Trump), and who is honest and trustworthy (58% Biden vs. 33% Trump).

“Make Trump great again”: mission impossible

In view of this tsunami of negative polls, Trump urgently needs to find a way to “Make Trump great again”.

His incompetent and stupid handling of the coronavirus crisis will cause him to lose the election, but it won’t be easy to oust him from the White House.

He is already trumpeting that the election will be stolen from him by the postal vote.

His campaign has just created an “Army for Trump”, an army for Trump, where his supporters are encouraged to register to help their beloved leader win.

And remember, he said during the debate with Biden about his far-right supporters that they had to “Stand back, but Stand by” (Wait, but get ready).

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