Trump signs decree against “threat” of TikTok and WeChat

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US President Donald Trump has signed a decree “On Fighting the TikTok Threat” and a similar decree to counter the “threat” of the Chinese mobile application WeChat, the White House informs.

The documents imply that within 45 days, any transactions with the companies that own the applications ByteDance and Tencent must be terminated in the American jurisdiction. As noted, the spread in the United States of mobile applications created and owned by Chinese companies threatens the national security, politics and economy of the United States.

The document states that TikTok automatically collects a large amount of data from users, including location information and search history. The White House believes that this situation may lead to the fact that the Communist Party of the PRC will own the personal data of US citizens.

The American leader also accused the service of censoring content, which is contrary to the guidelines of the Chinese Communist Party.

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