Trump says Biden’s running-mate pick could be significant for ‘obvious reason’

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President Trump said Americans typically don’t vote based on a presidential candidate’s running mate, but Joe Biden, the Democratic presumptive nominee, “has got some pretty big things going on,” so his selection could be more significant than in years past.

“People don’t vote for the vice president… Mike Pence has been incredible, he’s been a great vice president and done a really good job in everything I’ve given him, but people don’t vote for the vice president. They really don’t, they don’t vote for the vice president. You can pick George Washington to be your vice president. Let’s pick Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead. They just don’t seem to vote for the vice president,” Trump said during an appearance on Fox Sports Radio’s “Outkick the Coverage” with Clay Travis.

“In this case, you know, because Joe has got some things going on, let’s not kid ourselves,” Trump said. “Joe has got some pretty big things going on, so you know, this is going to be a very important pick and it will be interesting to see who he chooses.”


Biden’s presidential campaign is likely to announce his running mate this week, once he’s done interviewing every finalist to run with him in November, The New York Times reported Monday.

“In the end, I don’t think it’s going to matter. Joe’s going to have to stand on his own two feet,” Trump said. “I don’t know who he is going to pick. In theory, it doesn’t matter much, but maybe with him, it probably matters much more than it normally does, for the obvious reason.”

Trump did not specify what the “obvious reason” was, but Biden recently has made a series of gaffes that led some pundits to question his mental health and fitness for office.

Speculation has been rampant about whom Biden may pick as his running mate, with the Aug. 17 start of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) nearing.

Trump also said he “would be inclined to go a different route” than Biden, who has committed to selecting a woman as his running mate.


“He roped himself into a certain group of people,” Trump said, as Travis bluntly added, “He said he had to pick a woman.”

“He said that, and you know, some people would say men are insulted by that,” Trump said. “Some people would say it’s fine.”

Fox News’ Alex Pappas contributed to this report.  

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