Trump said about the expectation of problems from Democrats in the US elections

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From the point of view of “fraud” in the election of the head of state in the United States, the Democrats are the big problem, not Russia, China or Iran. This was announced by US President Donald Trump during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday, August 12.

According to him, by fraud, he means a vote by mail, on which representatives of the Democratic Party want to spend $ 3.5 billion.

Trump added that many are talking about Russia, China or Iran when it comes to meddling in elections, but the Democrats are his main concerns, writes TASS.

On August 11, Trump already announced that representatives of the American Democratic Party are interfering in the country’s elections. At the same time, the US President also expressed bewilderment why journalists, speaking of “Russian interference”, forget about other countries suspected by American intelligence services, including China and Iran.

A number of US states have already legalized voting by mail, in others it is being prepared in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. Elections in the country will be held on November 3.

The first accusations about Russia’s alleged influence on internal processes in the United States were made in 2016 after Republican Donald Trump won the presidential election. However, according to the results of the investigation, the Justice Department never found an agreement between Trump and Moscow during the election campaign.

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