Trump reiterates his supporters’ riot

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US President Donald Trump again condemned the violence at protests in Washington by his supporters, and called for reconciliation, but said nothing about impeachment.

“I want to condemn the violence that we have seen in the last week … Crowd violence is contrary to everything I believe in and everything that our movement stands for,” the American leader said in a video message posted Wednesday, January 13 by Fox News.

The politician stressed that now it is necessary to focus on the interests of the entire country. He also called on all Americans to unite, “overcoming the passions of the moment.”

On January 6, Trump supporters rioted Washington DC. During the protests, they broke into the Capitol. There were clashes with police, during which dozens of people were injured on both sides. Five people died, including one of the law enforcement officers. The US Congress approved the election of Democrat Joe Biden as President of the United States on January 7.

In connection with the events in Washington, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has opened more than 160 criminal cases. The punishment for some charges in connection with the storming of the Capitol may be imprisonment up to 20 years.

Earlier Wednesday, the House of Representatives impeached Trump on charges of inciting unrest. Now the document will be submitted to the Senate, where the procedure will turn into a lawsuit. However, according to the timetable for the upper house of the legislature, it may take up the issue of impeachment after the end of Trump’s presidential term.

On the eve of Trump said that his impeachment announcement could cause “incredible anger” and is “the continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.”

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