Trump lost $ 600 million

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According to new data from Forbes magazine, the net worth of President Donald Trump from September last year to September this year decreased by 600 million dollars and now stands at 2.5 billion.

This moved Trump 64 places down the Forbes 400 list of richest people to 339. Trump’s travel and leisure businesses (office space, hotels and golf courses) have been hit hard by the pandemic: “The cost of office buildings has plummeted,” writes Forbes. – It’s the same with hotels, especially in big cities. Trump Tower, for example, dropped $ 70 million, Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas by $ 10 million, Trump International Hotel in Washington DC by $ 66 million. ” Trump’s 10 American golf courses are down $ 10 million. Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump were executive vice presidents in the absence of their father.

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