Trump confronts Biden on son’s business dealings in final presidential debate

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Trump, Biden clash over Hunter Biden business dealings at final presidential debate
President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden clashed over alleged foreign financial entanglements, coronavirus, race relations, the minimum wage and climate change in their final presidential debate on Thursday night.

At one point, Trump told Biden, “You owe an explanation to the American people” about son Hunter Biden’s past business dealings as the former vice president emphatically denied anything “unethical” took place.

The exchange followed recent news reports of past communications between Hunter Biden and his business partners that have raised questions about what Joe Biden knew about these foreign dealings. Biden’s campaign has denied the former vice president had any involvement or made any money off these dealings, but Trump pressed his rival over the reports during the debate.

“All of the emails … the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family. And Joe, you were vice president when some of this was happening. And it should’ve never happened,” Trump said. “I think you owe an explanation to the American people.”

Biden responded: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.”

He added: “We learned this president paid 50 times the tax in China, has a secret bank account with China. Does business in China.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

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Hunter’s ex-partner recounts meeting Joe Biden, claims family ‘paranoid’ about hiding former VP’s involvement
Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed Thursday that he met with former Vice President Joe Biden regarding his son’s business dealings and alleged that someone involved with the controversy had warned him about coming forward.

“I was told this past Sunday by somebody who was also involved in this matter that if I went public, this information — it would ‘bury all of us, man,'” Bobulinski alleged. 

Bobulinski went on to accuse the former vice president of lying about his involvement with his son’s business dealings, and indicated that his family sought to conceal his activities.

Specifically, Bobulinski alleges he met with the former vice president on May 2, 2017, introduced by his son, Hunter and brother, Jim.

“At my approximately hour-long meeting with Joe that night we discussed the Bidens’ history, the Bidens’ family business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level,” Bobulinski said.

Fox News previously obtained text messages from Bobulinski, a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, and the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, which he said was the partnership involving the two Biden family members. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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McConnell, Schumer exchange barbs after vote to advance Amy Coney Barrett nomination
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer exchanged jabs Thursday, after a Judiciary Committee vote by Senate Republicans to advance Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Despite Democrat members’ boycott of the Judiciary Committee’s vote on Barrett, Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pushed forward with the vote, resulting in a 12-0 result. But under the committee’s rules, at least two members of the minority party must be present in order for there to be a quorum to “transact” business.

Democrats have claimed the Barrett nomination was being rushed through in part to help the GOP dismantle the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare.

“To call this process illegitimate is being too kind,” Schumer said after the Thursday vote. “Senator Graham has broken the rules of the committee to move forward with a vote on Judge Barrett to rip away health care from millions.”

In response to the Schumer-led boycott of the Judiciary Committee’s vote, McConnell accused Schumer of “lashing out in random ways,” while on the Senate floor Thursday.

“Day after day, our colleague from New York performs the same angry speech with the same falsehoods,” McConnell said. “I’m sorry that he feels the need to constantly say things that are false.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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Tucker Carlson discussed the Biden family’s business with Communist China and charges brought by Hunter Biden’s business partner Tony Bobulinski on Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Tonight, Bobulinski announced he met directly with Joe Biden and discussed the Biden family’s business dealings with the Communist government of China, he says he has text messages that corroborate that and apparently he does,” Carlson said. “In a written statement, Bobulinski added this, by the way, Hunter Biden frequently referred to his father as, quote, “my chairman.”

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