Trump campaign adviser: First night of DNC painted America as ‘dystopian, racist hellscape’

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The speakers on the first night of the Democratic National Convention depicted America as a “dystopian, racist hellscape” rather than the shining city on a hill, Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes told “The Ingraham Angle.”

“It was clear that this was for a crowd in Brooklyn, New York, rather than places like Beloit, Wisconsin,” Cortes told host Laura Ingraham. “It was catering to Hollywood rather than the heartland. And it was not a celebration of America, it was an indictment of America.

“I will tell you as a proud American I did not even recognize the country that they were describing in this ridiculous long commercial that they put on tonight,” he added. “They were describing some sort of dystopian racist hellscape.”

Cortes went on to say that as a Hispanic man, there is no greater country in the world in which to exist as an ethnic minority and — if the Democrats’ ‘indictment’ of America is true — he does not understand why millions of people from other countries continue to seek asylum in America or enter the U.S. illegally.

“They must be fools, according to the Democratic Party, to want to come to a country that is as systemically racist as the Democrats are trying to get us to believe,” he said.


Referring to his fellow guest, former Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, Cortes said that the current Democratic Party does not resemble the party of Rendell’s prominence in the 1990s and 2000s.

“This is not your parents’ or your grandparents’ Democratic Party …” he said. “Effectively open borders — they don’t use the phrase, but if you decriminalize [illegal] border crossing and offer benefits to illegal aliens that do not belong in the country, and Joe Biden has promised even more than that — full citizenship in the country to reward them for breaking and entering into our land. These kinds of policies are, within the Democratic Party, the norm. They are not mainstream policies within America,”

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