Trump and Biden accused each other of receiving money from Russia

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Political rivals US President Donald Trump and candidate for this post Joe Biden in the final televised debate put forward mutual accusations of receiving money from Russia.

The current head of the United States said that he “never took any money from Russia,” unlike his opponent.

“Joe received $ 3.5 million from Russia, they came through Putin, because he was on very good terms with the former mayor of Moscow, with the wife of the mayor of Moscow,” said the Republican candidate.

Biden, in turn, also called his opponent’s statement false. He stressed that “he did not take a penny from any country.”

Earlier in the debate, Biden accused Russia of meddling in the elections and promised that she would “pay” for it.

The day before, Dmitry Peskov said that anti-Russian sentiments are common for both parties in the United States, therefore, regardless of the victory of Democrats or Republicans in the next presidential election, Washington will not be able to get away from Russophobic relations.

The pre-election debate took place on the stage of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Trump entered the stage without a mask, Biden took off his black protective mask when he entered the stage and waved his hand to his supporters in the audience. Both immediately took their places behind the stands.

Participants were invited to discuss in advance such topics as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the situation of American families, racial problems in the United States, problems of climate change, issues of national security and peculiarities of the country’s leadership.

The US general election will be held on November 3. They will elect the president and vice president, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate of Congress, governors of 13 states and territories.

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