Trump allowed Democrats to create two or three new states in the United States

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If the Democratic candidate wins the November 3 presidential election, the party intends to increase the number of states in order to strengthen its positions in the Senate and House of Representatives. This was announced on October 1 by US President Donald Trump.

Thus, the American leader answered the question of whether the Democrats can achieve state status for the Federal District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

“They are going to create two or three new states, Guam and the other two mentioned here. This would give them automatically six seats in the Senate, which is unfair, and more than 20 seats in the House of Representatives, ”the head of state explained.

He noted that such steps would lead to the creation of a de facto one-party system.

“They want to create two or three new states, and then the number of states would grow to 53. What would our flag look like if there were 52 or 53 states? It would depend on what they could have done, and they, perhaps, would have done even more – there are many islands. ” – quoted by TASS.

Trump added that such a change would be “very sad for the country.”

Joe Biden represents the Democratic Party in the presidential elections. Earlier, on September 24, it was reported that he outstripped the incumbent in popularity among voters in the states of Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3. In addition to the president, a third of the Senate, the full House of Representatives, as well as a number of governors and thousands of deputies of local legislatures and executive bodies will be elected.

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