Tropical storm Eta digs up remains of 1800s boat

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The passage of the tropical storm Eta will have wreaked havoc on North Florida, but it will also have allowed the discovery of the remains of a boat.

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Along the shores of St-Augustine, Mark O’Donoghue spotted the logs in the sand dunes of Crescent Beach.

Experts from the Augustine Lighthouse Maritime Archeology Program say the pieces of wood may belong to a boat dating from the 1800s, CNN reports.

Researchers from the program, which has identified several wrecked boats in the past, have begun to inspect and document the most recent finds.

It seems that the remains could be those of the Caroline eddy, an American merchant ship.

“Everything we’ve seen so far points to this hypothesis,” explains Chuck Meide, director of the organization. The wooden planks and iron ties are similar to other 1800s boats we’ve seen. ”

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