Treiger urges de Blasio to establish regular hot meals for schoolchildren

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City Council member Mark Treiger, who was a teacher before joining the legislature, has raised his voice in defense of the quality of food for schoolchildren not for the first time.

“Hot food is not provided for children anywhere,” he says. “I was told that it happened that they were given frozen turkey sandwiches and a few slices of apple.”

According to the prescriptions of the “hybrid learning system,” students receive cold lunches on the days when they personally attend classes, and the rest of the time you can take “take-away” food for them at special points scattered throughout the city.

The schedule may vary depending on the COVID-19 situation. At the very least, children are fed. But the quality of the food is consistently low. Teachers told Traiger that they used their own money to buy pizza for students in order to somehow improve their menu.

The MP called on Mayor de Blasio to provide students with hot meals.

“The administration is looking to cut corners,” he said. “Meanwhile, it’s not worth much work to negotiate with the same contractors to prepare and deliver heated lunches.”

Mark Treiger is not the only legislator to address this issue. Recently, a colleague from the city council complained that kosher food in schools is unappetizing and lacks many important ingredients.

The Department of Education continues to defend the “honor of the uniform.”

“Since schools closed in March, we have not missed a single day providing lunch to students,” said spokesman Nathaniel Styer. – Since then, 65 million servings have been provided. Our food program is an exceptional success. “

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

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Hot lunches for schoolchildren

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