Top 6 Romantic Movies Of All Time

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Romantic movies take everybody’s heart which is the main reason that everybody is very much interested to download them and watch them on their own devices. For this purpose, the individuals need to install VidMate so that they can enjoy the best possible movies on their devices perfectly.

Following are some of the top romantic movies of all time which the people can download and enjoy on the devices with the help of VidMate application:

1. The photograph: This particular movie is based upon two romances in a single movie. One of them is based upon the present day and the other one is based upon the past. This romantic history is doomed to repeat and this particular movie is very much popular among people because of the top-notch quality acting done by the actors.

  1. Portrait of A lady on fire: This particular movie is the favourite of the film festival and has been nominated for several kinds of awards in the year 2019. The movie is based upon a woman who is commissioned to travel to a remote island so that she can paint the portrait of a woman as a part of arranged marriage. Throughout the movie she also feels in love with her subject and the forbidden romance ensues in the whole movie.
  2. A Star is born: This particular movie is based upon the story of the people who have been brought together by talent Buttertown powered by fame. This movie is a remake of the original movie launched in 1937 and is highly cherished by people across the globe because of the top-notch quality story, acting, cinematography and production undertaken by the movie.
  3. Call me by your name: This particular movie is based upon the concept that first love is the most intense and the better one. The movie is based upon the book by Andre Acimen and follows the concept of the young son of a cat mix who is on his summer break in Italy and falls in love for the one of his dad‘s graduation students. This movie was very much liked by people across the globe.
  4. Carol: This particular movie is based upon the novel, the price of salt and tells the story of affair between two women in 1950s. The movie is very much pleasurable for people and is also based upon the interiors and dresses that have been specifically designed with the motive of highlighting the romance. The movie also features the Oscar-nominated performances and the best part is that this movie was very much popular when it was launched and still it is very much popular among the people because the movie never fails to win the hearts.
  5. Lust: This particular movie is based upon a different take of romance where the Chinese language erotic thriller is there and the film is all about a woman in Hong Kong who acts as the intelligence agent but falls in love with her mark.Hence, you can very easily enjoy all the above-mentioned movies that are popular across the globe with the help of the best quality applications on your devices. To enjoy the movie you need to install VidMate so that you can spend quality time with your loved ones by watching such romantic movies.