Top 3 Must-Have Features for your Business Website

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By Henry Jackson

Making your business online presence by developing a website is a good start, but is not enough. Simply creating a business website does not guarantee that clients will visit it. It must have additional features that distinguish it and make it appealing to viewers.


The widespread availability of the internet has allowed customers to move online and make purchases. If you own a company, you may reach out to millions of potential customers over the internet. Businesses are increasingly embracing this new opportunity to expand their online presence.


The performance of a website is influenced by a number of things. These elements improve a website’s performance. Here are three features that your business website must have in order to function better.


Contact Information


Many businesses overlook this easy but highly powerful way of connecting with their customers. Customers frequently contact businesses for information or assistance. This is why having contact information on the website is crucial. You must include this information on your Contact Us page and at the footer


  • Email or Clickable CTA “Email Us”
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media Links
  • Geographical Address (If you have physical stores too)


Many websites have gone even further and added a live chat feature. Customers can get real-time assistance from artificial intelligence via the live chat option. According to research, online shoppers appreciate this feature and are more likely to make a purchase as a result.


Visual Representation


Images and videos help capture the viewer’s attention. People prefer visuals to text and are more likely to notice information presented in a picture than in a written font. It is critical for a company to show its offerings to customers. 


If a company is selling a tangible item, it must include photographs of that item. If a company provides a service, it must display its work. It is significant to have images of high quality on your website. Make sure that the picture is clear and easy to understand for your viewers.

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Videos are also effective at capturing the attention of viewers. Include a video describing your services and what you have to offer your customers. If the product you’re selling is difficult to use, film a video to demonstrate how to use it.


SEO Strategy


It is important for customers to find your website online, which is impossible without Search engine optimization. Optimize your website using SEO techniques to improve its search engine ranking. Whether it is ON Page SEO or Off Page SEO, make sure that you fully optimise your website. Websites with higher search engine rankings receive more traffic and conversions.


Conduct keyword research to determine the ideal keywords for your business page that will bring in a lot of traffic. Use relevant keywords in the meta title and meta description. Add blogs and content on your page regularly. Make sure you use relevant keywords with your customer search intent. 

Search engine optimization is much more vast than the techniques mentioned above. Make sure you follow all the Google guidelines and build a better website.