Top Beach Activities to Do in Dubai

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By henry jackson


Although Dubai is synonymous with luxurious living and shopping, it offers myriad fun and exciting water and beach activities to every kind of visitor. Every holidaymaker visiting Dubai enjoys the vast coastline, the serene waters of the Arabian Sea, and excellent beach facilities. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in a wide range of activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, flyboarding, kite surfing, parasailing, kayaking, banana ride, donut ride, deep sea fishing tour, Subreacher, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddling. Some of them are the most thrilling water sports in the world. Moreover, the affordability and the safety measures taken for the activities attract a lot of people to try their strength and courage.

At least once in your Dubai vacation, you should try the following top 5 beach activities to do in Dubai:

1. Jet Ski, Dubai:

You will love to experience an adventurous rush in the open sea with Jet Ski Dubai. Don’t worry, it is believed to be very easy. Cherish this exciting water sport, and improve your agility, balance, and leg muscles. You can take a 30-minute, a 60-minute, or a 2-hour ride with a throttle of 310 horsepower. Rent a jet ski from a trusted provider for thrilling action. It is available for all skill types. You can commence your trip from the Dubai Marina and ski along the coastline, and pass through the spectacular shores of the Jumeriah Islands. Capture wonderful photos of the incredible sites of Dubai like Burj Al Arab, the world’s 3rd tallest hotel. However, you should grab your tickets in time, which involves a complete guide to the program. It includes professional assistance, safety briefing, water sports equipment, and instructions. You can select from the available morning departure timings.

2. Scuba Diving, Dubai:

You cannot miss Dubai’s splendid underwater scenery with Dubai Scuba Diving. Avail the opportunity in the Ambassador Lagoon at Dubai’s Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai Marina, and Fujairah. You can choose a scuba diving tour to hone your basic diving skills with short and comprehensive training, breathing techniques, and pre-dive instructions. Pre Book your tickets for a confirmed course time slot. You can also avail of pick up and drop off from your hotel in the package. Rent a swimsuit at no or nominal charges. With an expert guide, you can take a 30-minute marine life tour underwater. You can take up beginner and advanced certification courses. Avail underwater photography for a wonderful scuba diving experience for a lifetime. Spot majestic ruins, shipwrecks, underwater creatures like manta rays, vibrant fishes, the largest collection of tiger sharks, and lush flora. You can spend 3 hours playing with aquatic animals and exploring the Persian Gulf.

3. Snorkeling:

The most popular places for snorkeling in Dubai are Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium, Ambassador’s Lagoon, and Fujairah. You can gain some real spine-chilling experience with this water activity. Before you start, you will be briefed about your task. To make the diving experience small and manageable, the groups are kept small. You will be accompanied by a veteran guide. It will be a 30-minute adventurous underwater affair. Through the underwater ruins and marine life, you can dive deep into the large water body. You can come across the largest collection of exotic aquatic animals. Get close to the colorful fishes and shy turtles. Try cage snorkeling in the world’s largest Aquarium inside a mall. Shark Tank Dive is yet another unique experience. Purchase your tickets beforehand to avail yourself of round-trip transport. It will help you to explore marine diversity comfortably. You can keep a flotation device for additional safety. Wear the right gear and take deep breaths underwater to stay relaxed.

4. Deep Diving:

In the world’s deepest, 60 m Deep Dive Pool, experience indoor diving, scuba diving, and free diving like never before. You can even play chess and table football at the pool’s bottom. Wear a thin wet or swimsuit for your convenience. Containing warm fresh water, it appears as a sunken and ruined city with walls and furnished rooms, and a sunken car. Opened in July 2021, it is the city’s latest addition to adventure water sports. It also includes an underwater film studio with a media editing room. The high-quality light and sound system enhance the charm and the experience. The 1500 square m oyster-shaped building commemorates Dubai’s pearl diving community and the gallantry of Emirati pioneers. Filled with adventure and wonders, it is ideal for both beginners and advanced thrill-seekers. You can get adequate training for skill growth and certification courses. But, you should book your adventure in advance from the official website.

5. Flyboarding:

Originating in France in 2011, Dubai has taken flyboarding to the next level. On the grand and continuous Dubai coastline by the Arabian Sea, you can perform this adrenaline-pushing water sport. It is a difficult version of jet skiing but is tailor-made to fit every level. You Take the professionally directed and controlled 30-minute expedition on the turquoise waters of the sea. Assured safety and security measures enhance your experience. You can fly up to 2 feet on an electric keyboard or propelled surfboard. Again, you can dive deep into the water or try somersaulting, spinning, and backflips. Click innumerable pictures and shoot countless videos for a wonderful memory. You can even relish a gala time looking at the gorgeous Dubai skyline. For a wholesome experience, you should pre-book your tickets online. Choose the package which proffers maximum benefits within your budget. You can receive pick-up and drop from your accommodation.


When you plan your vacation in Dubai, you should remember to buy tickets for the popular beach activities. You should talk to your tour operator about a flexible and open-ended program. Besides shopping and the glamour of the city, you will love to discover a new you through the extensive range of exciting water activities. You can avail myriad offers and discounts. So, you should constantly search for the best option, and confirm only when you get the ideal one.