Top 3 economic events in the Pskov region

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What did the coronavirus 2020 remember, what events, disappointments, challenges and achievements? “MK in Pskov” offers to refresh your memory. We present to your attention the TOP-3 economic events of the year according to the editorial version.

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1. The most important, unprecedented, fatal event for many is, of course, the lockdown and the tough economic restrictions associated with it. We had an epidemic for the first time, a large number of patients would have killed Pskov medicine – apparently, this logic forced the authorities to apply such harsh measures. Since March 28, public catering, shops with the exception of food and essential goods, beauty salons, baths, dentistry, which do not have a license to provide emergency care, have been closed in the Pskov region. The reservation of sanatoriums and recreation centers has stopped. Tourist offices and children’s centers were closed. Those who are engaged in cargo transportation were at a loss.

Coronavirus planted Pskov residents at home

Coronavirus planted Pskov residents at home

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Clothing and footwear stores opened on May 6, and they were allowed to try on things even later. Until July, catering was allowed to work only to take away, and in December the increase in the number of cases caused another blow in the stomach – the cancellation of New Year’s corporate parties and banquets. Several well-known cafes and restaurants have closed, and in general hundreds of businesses, especially those focused on service and trade, have been seriously affected.

2. Against this background, any good news is received with great enthusiasm. In Pskov, in spite of the crisis, a chain hypermarket of goods for the home and construction site “Leroy Merlin” was opened. Although the event was expected, anything could happen in such and such a difficult year. A hypermarket with an area of ​​13 thousand square meters opened its doors on October 29. Investments in the project exceeded 800 million rubles. All the same, business has faith in the solvency of the Pskovites. Yes, such that the goods in the Pskov hypermarket were significantly more expensive than, for example, in St. Petersburg or on the website.

3. SEZ “Moglino” this year suddenly got a fever – or rather, not the site itself, but the top management. Natalya Yushko, who headed the SEZ since June 2020, had already become the object of criticism of her subordinates by September. Perhaps, for the first time, the employees of the site’s administrative apparatus were boiling so much that they decided to speak publicly. In a collective appeal to the governor, they asked to check the activities of the SEZ and eliminate threats of violation of the rights of specialists. Three months later, Natalya Yushko left the post, and Anton Yakovlev became her successor. Meanwhile, 900 million rubles have been allocated for the development of Moglino-2.

What does business hope for in 2021, what does it want for itself? Previously, they often said: “If only they did not interfere.” 2020 modernized the wish: “If only not a new quarantine.” However, the year begins with the abolition of UTII, so new difficulties and wishes are not far off.

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