Top 10 Apple mobiles in India that you can buy in new year

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We have gone the extra mile and subdivided our list into entry-level models, mid-range models and top-of-the-line models. Of course, these three categories are in context with the iPhone price range, rather than general smartphone pricing.

Entry-level iPhone models (Rs. 30,000 ~ Rs. 50,000)

The Apple iPhone SE (2020) comes with a 7MP selfie shooter and a 12MP rear camera. Users will be pleased to learn that the smartphone has 3GB RAM, which will ensure smooth functioning, and keep “memory low” notifications at bay. In addition, users can choose between three options as far as internal storage is concerned: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The iPhone SE runs on the iOS 13 operating system, and comes with a 1820mAh battery.

Next on our list is the Apple iPhone XR. It shares several features with its counterpart above including a 12MP primary camera, a 7MP front camera, 3GB RAM and three options for internal memory: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. This model runs on the Apple iOS 12 OS, and comes with a 2942 mAh battery.

The iPhone 11 enjoys tremendous popularity with good reason. Besides being priced on the happier side of Rs. 50,000, the iPhone 11 packs in a good number of features, especially considering its price. The smartphone runs on the iOS 13 operating system and comes with a 3110 mAh battery. Sized at 6.1 inches, this smartphone packs in 4GB RAM, and the three options of internal storage that you would typically expect. What makes the iPhone 11 even more exciting is its dual rear camera set-up, with one 12MP lens and one 8MP lens; it also has a 12MP front-facing camera.

Mid-range iPhone models  (~ Rs. 1 lakh)

Even though Apple iPhone XS was launched back in September 2018, its features are comparable to most models being released in 2020 and 2021. It certainly has an edge over several of its counterparts on this list so far, with its dual-rear camera featuring two 12MP lenses, a 7MP selfie shooter, 4GB RAM, the three options for internal memory you would expect, dual SIM capability and a 2658 mAh battery.

The iPhone 11 Pro, launched in September 2019 comes with a 12MP + 12MP + 12MP triple rear camera combination, and a 12MP front facing camera. It runs on the iOS 13 operating system and packs in 6GB RAM with 64GB internal storage, though you may opt for 128GB or 256GB storage variants depending on your requirements. Besides a sizable RAM, this small phone — sized at 5.4 inches — also has a large 3190 mAh battery.

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini, launched in October 2020, clearly targets those who like small displays, with its 5.4-inch screen. Size no bearing on its features, this smartphone packs in 4GB RAM, options for 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage, a 12MP + 12MP dual-rear camera set-up, a 12MP front camera,  and iOS 14 operating system.

If you prefer larger screens, you might want to look at the Apple iPhone 12 that was launched alongside the Apple iPhone 12 Mini, and shares most of the enviable features that are seen in its mini counterpart. However, the Apple iPhone 12  measures 6.1 inches and comes with a slightly larger 2851 mAh battery.

High-end iPhone models (> Rs. 1 lakh)

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was launched in September 2019, delights users with 6GB RAM, and 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage variants. It comes with a triple-rear camera array with all three 12MP lenses and a dual selfie camera. The iPhone 11 Pro Max runs on the iOS 13 operating system, and is powered by a big 3500 mAh battery.

Next on this list is the iPhone 12 Pro which runs on the iOS 14 operating system. It has a 2851 mAh battery and is sized at 6.1 inches. The smartphone comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, with 256GB and 512GB variants also available.

The star of the show is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, launched only last month. This smartphone is a complete powerhouse; it comes with 6GB RAM and options for 256GB or 512GB internal storage, a quad-rear camera array featuring three 12MP lenses, a dual selfie camera, the iOS 14 operating system, a 6.7-inch screen and big 3687 mAh battery.

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