Tips To Keep in Mind While Writing Experience Letter

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While switching jobs the document that matters the most for the employee is the experience letter. An experience letter is given by the employer to certify that the employee has worked with their organization. It is a formal recognition letter that tells the new employer the contribution done from the employee side. An experience letter is needed to complete one of the recruitment processes which is called documentation. Experience letter comes under the list of important documents that are important for the employees, others that are in the list are appointment letter, offer letter appraisal letter and more.

Important points that the employer looks at in the experience letter are:-

  • Joining date and relieving date
  • Position/ Designation
  • The last Salary drawn
  • His/ Her responsibilities

If you are the HR who is preparing the work experience certificate or letter, keep in mind to put the above points in it, if you can mention them in bold letters it can be good to highlight the main points. Below we have mentioned a few points for the format of the experience letter

Steps that you need to follow while preparing the experience letter are:-

  1. Make sure that the experience letter that you are preparing is on the official letterhead of the organization
  2. Start with mentioning the employee’s name and his address below it.
  3. Don’t forget to put the salutation. To open the experience letter you can put salutations that are professional such as “Dear” if you know the name of the employer who will be reading the experience letter. If you don’t know the name,   you can skip writing Dear” and can start with writing “To whomsoever it May concern”
  4. Don’t mention just the first name of the employee, but be conscious of writing the full name of the employee. This is done so to obviate any confusion that can arise due to similar names. And it becomes easier for employers to see the authenticity of the letter by matching it with the official letter.
  5. Many times an employer forgets to mention the role and responsibility that the person had to perform during his work tenure. But this is a practice to avoid, make sure you mention the skills, quality of work, and responsibility that the person has carried out. This becomes important for the employee as well.
  6. Mention the employment tenure, this is one of the important components of an experience letter as it portrays the employment period that the employee has completed in the company
  7. Before ending with the signature, writing a line about the employee’s future is important as it completes the experience letter.
  8. Then lastly comes the closing line with a signature. Put your name, your designation, and your signature with the company name and authorized signature. For further refinement, you can write the company’s name and address. As it is a formal letter provided by the administration of the company.

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