Tips to color mandalas like no other

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Mandalas are complex geometric patterns, originated as a ritual symbols, influencing art. Mandala coloring books are quite a popular choice among enthusiasts. If you are interested in creating some beautiful pieces, make sure you prepare with the proper tools and knowledge.
There are so many coloring books that feature mandalas due to their relaxing nature, and the design symmetry provides you with satisfying end results. Are you interested in coloring, and want to give it a start by purchasing a coloring book? It is important to choose the right book, so you get the enthusiasm to continue and explore your creative coloring ideas. You can start with a Surabhi colouring book expert.

Choosing your colors

With any kind of coloring, it is quite tempting to lay hold of as many shades of color as possible. This is specifically applicable to mandalas because of their intricate shapes and swirling patterns. You may want to go random, considering a wide range of color schemes.
But mandalas are about concentration and relaxation, traditionally used in meditative rituals for focusing the mind. So, you need to limit your colors for making them appear more striking. Before shading in the fascinating patterns, consider a controlled color scheme in your mind.

Begin with the center

If you want to end up making a balanced mandala, make sure you start to color from its center, and gradually work outwards. In this way, you will be able to color more logically which will help you make a symmetrical piece.

Be meticulous

Try similar colors for repeating patterns in the mandala, ensuring the mandala stays symmetrical, balanced, and mainly, more pleasing to look at. That is why you should always start coloring from the center, so you can survey the entire piece, and rapidly identify the repeating parts. It may seem a bit tiring having to color similar patterns in a similar way over and over. But, by paying close attention to the details, you can make your mandala stand out.

Staying relaxed yet focused

Besides being meticulous with coloring, you need to be relaxed as well. You may wonder how can I concentrate and at the same time stay relaxed. If you don’t want your mandala to appear tense and strained, try not to overthink too much while coloring. Allow your creative ideas to flow, and enjoy the moment by getting absorbed in the coloring.Don’t allow your stresses to come into the scene, stay relaxed and focus on your coloring.

Adding blends with tonal gradients

If you are interested in introducing more depth, you can consider adding blends and tonal gradients to your mandalas. By adding certain smooth color gradations, you can actually make your mandala look more fascinating and striking.


Place a piece of paper beneath the page you will color for protecting the pages behind. Choose your color weapon wisely; color pencils and crayons are the most popular choices. Purchase the biggest color selection you can afford. YouTube tutorials can be quite helpful in this context to learn coloring techniques.