French Prime Minister warns of the beginning of difficult weeks in the fight against coronavirus

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France is facing difficult weeks of fighting the spread of coronavirus infection. This was announced on Tuesday, March 2, by Prime Minister Jean Casteks.

According to him, 20 departments remain under close control due to the epidemiological situation.

“The coming weeks will be difficult”, – quoted the head of the BFM TV Cabinet.

Kasteks noted that the priority is the introduction of local measures. Also, the head of government expressed hope that the situation will improve in a few weeks against the background of vaccination, which is gaining momentum.

On February 27, Kasteks urged to focus on developing measures that would prevent the need to introduce total quarantine, reports RT.

Earlier, on February 25, French President Emmanuel Macron, following the results of the first online summit of the European Union, expressed the opinion that the work on vaccination certificates should be coordinated at the European level to establish common standards.