Tips For Team Building In An Escape Room

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Even though going out for drinks on Thursday night sounds like a fun idea, your team is aware that they must come to work the next day. After a great evening bonding over drinks and activities with half of the office, this can be quite disheartening. So, why not try something different? Escape rooms have become an increasingly popular team building activity for businesses worldwide. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your team building event in an escape room.

Ensure Your Team Knows about the Team Building Activity

While surprises may appear fun on the outside, they can often leave teams bewildered and lost when entering an escape room game. To ensure your team is adequately prepared for their experience, we recommend informing them in advance that they’ll be playing an escape room game – this allows them to research or consult with other people if needed! When everyone walks into the game knowing what’s ahead, it makes for a much smoother transition.

Teams looking to gain a competitive edge should always come prepared for their escape room games. Knowing what’s in store allows participants to focus solely on the game, especially when tackling complex or difficult tasks. Being properly equipped means teams can hit the ground running and avoid wasting time while figuring out where they should begin! This could make all of the difference between winning and losing in any given escape room challenge.

Pick the Best Team Building Escape Room

Every escape room is unique, as the difficulty levels vary, much like in video games. Therefore, you must consider your team’s skillset and comfort level when selecting an escape room experience. Don’t underestimate the challenge; pay attention to the capabilities and preferences of your group—but don’t forget to have fun!

Chicago-based companies are fortunate to have an array of team building activities available in this Midwestern metropolis. From mesmerizing cityscapes and exquisite cuisine to outstanding arts and culture venues, there is something for everyone. Team building activity in Chicago are well known for their escape room experiences, with several venues in the downtown area to choose from.

Promote Teamwork and Communication

The most important factor of any team building activity is teamwork! You must promote an environment where everyone can collaborate and contribute to the task at hand. This fosters a sense of trust amongst coworkers and encourages people to communicate more efficiently. Make sure you have a positive attitude throughout the experience; it’s important that everyone understands their role and how they can contribute to the team.

Pair People Up With Intent

To ensure maximum efficiency during the game, it’s recommended to pair people up with intent. This is especially important if large groups are playing together. For example, you could have one person responsible for solving puzzles while the other keeps track of clues they’ve uncovered and directs their team in the right direction. By pairing individuals up ahead of time, you can ensure that the tasks are being allocated evenly and that everyone on your team is contributing.

Encourage Team Building Activity Participation with Rewards

Escape the room games are already a blast for all involved, but with an exciting reward in store, competition between teams and friendly rivalry is taken to another level. In addition, those who may not usually be motivated by group activities can find extra incentives to engage!

If your company is based in Virginia Beach, then you are in luck. Virginia Beach is the ideal city for hosting team building events and activities, offering a wide range of cultural, artful, culinary, and recreational venues to choose from. Escape room VB offers the most rewarding experience for team building activities.

Discuss the Escape Game Afterward

After each game, it’s crucial that everyone takes a few minutes to reflect on what went well and areas of improvement. A quick chat-style debriefing is perfect for this purpose; individuals can share the moments they were proud of or their more difficult experiences. This helps create an environment where people can learn from one another and make progress with every escape room session! There’s no need to spend too much time in discussion, but letting your team evaluate their experience will help foster growth and understanding among all participants.

Escape rooms encourage teamwork. Team members can bond by completing puzzles and challenges. This improves workplace communication and teamwork. Escape rooms also boost teamwork and morale. Discussing it afterward solidifies everything!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Team building activities should be enjoyable. Don’t forget to have fun! After all, that is the most important part of any teambuilding experience. Go for dinner afterward and celebrate your accomplishments as a group, or plan a post-game get-together to decompress from all the excitement. As long as everyone had a great time and learned something new about working together, it was a successful outing!

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