Tips and Tricks to Get 7+ Bands in IELTS Speaking Module

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Many candidates find the speaking module very difficult because they don’t feel comfortable while speaking in front of an examiner. Although, speaking could be a very scoring module because you get your score instantly. If you perform well and impress the examiner by demonstrating your communication skills then you can expect a very good score. Especially, if we compare it with the writing module where getting 7 bands is a very tough task.

How to get 7 bands in IELTS Speaking Module

There are many tips and tricks related to the speaking modules which can be very beneficial if you want to get a good score in your IELTS speaking module.

》Do Not Give Very Short Answers

It’s really important to avoid giving very short answers for Introduction and follow ups. You should use a complete and well structured answer to get a good score. For instance, if the examiner asks you a question about your hometown then you should explain about your hometown for at least 20 to 30 seconds. If you answer this question in just one line then it may affect your score.

》Be Natural and Confident 

You have to remain natural and confident throughout your interview. Do not try to speak memorised answers. Even if you are using it then pretend it like you are thinking and make those answers on your own. In addition, do not try to use a fake foreigner-like accent which looks completely artificial and It wouldn’t help you in anyways. 

》Join Coaching Institute

To get better exposure for the IELTS speaking module, join best IELTS coaching in Jalandhar. There are ample number of IELTS institutes where you can get IELTS coaching from top notch experts. They will guide you to get the best results out of your limited knowledge. Students surrounding you with positive vibes will influence your speaking ability. Interacting with them will help you to boost your vocabulary and speak english fluently. 

》Stick To Your Opinion 

Whatever you speak in your interview, you should remember it and stand by it throughout the speaking test. Many times the examiner tries to ask you some counter questions to check your abilities. So, if you contradict your answers then it will adversely affect your speaking score. For instance, if you said in your introductory questions that I watch movies in my free time but when the examiner asked this question in a different way during follow ups then if you answer that I don’t like to watch movies then you will contradict your own answer.

》Quickly Generate Ideas and Fake Stories

It’s very essential to speak in a flow and this is possible only if you can quickly generate new ideas and fake stories. As, examiner has nothing to do with your ideas or stories as they just want to check your language skills. So, when you get a cue card (Topic) to speak then try to create a fake story in your mind which is relevant and can be stretched for 1 to 2 minutes.

》Use Fillers

When you take a pause to generate new ideas or to remember something in the middle of a cue card, then use fillers rather than a silent pause. Fillers like, I believe that, You see, As you know that, Well, As I remember, I guess and many more which you can use as per the demand of the situation. You should not take a pause for more than 2-3 seconds because it will affect your fluency which leads to a low score.


Getting 7 bands in the speaking module is a tough task. Make sure to follow the aforesaid points to ensure success. However, practice will help you to achieve your desired bands in no time. Many people seek to invest in an IELTS franchise. They can also follow these tips because it will help them to enhance their interpersonal skills that are necessary to create an English environment within their education franchise in India.