Tikhanovskaya positively assessed the creation of an opposition party in Belarus

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Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya gave a positive assessment to the decision of politician Viktor Babariko and his supporters to create an opposition party “Together” in the country. This is stated in a statement released by the press service of the politician’s headquarters on September 1 on Telegram.

“The creation of new political parties is a positive process and a sign of striving for democracy. Therefore, I look positively at the initiative of Viktor Babariko to create his own party. In a free democratic country, everyone has the right to do so, ”Tikhanovskaya said.

However, she disagreed with Babariko’s assertion that constitutional reform is the top priority for the opposition.

“There is no need to replace the political agenda by moving to the discussion of the Constitutional reform. <....> First – the demands of citizens, then – reforms, which are possible only after fair elections, ”the leader of the Belarusian opposition emphasized.

On the same day, the founders of the Together party expressed their agreement with Tikhanovskaya’s victory in the presidential elections in Belarus, Gazeta.ru writes.

On the eve of Babariko and his supporters announced the creation of the political party “Together”. The creation of the party was agreed with the members of the Presidium of the Coordinating Council (CC) of the opposition of Belarus, with whom it was possible due to objective circumstances.

On the same day, a member of the presidium of the coordination council of the Belarusian opposition Pavel Latushko proposed to create a public movement to conduct a dialogue with the authorities.

In Belarus, since August 9, protests have continued over the results of the presidential elections in the republic, in which the current president of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, won.

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