Thunder struck – it’s time to carry out the instructions of the governor of the Kostroma region …

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“MK in Kostroma” already reported about the tragic incident in the village of Susanino, Kostroma Region, where a concrete slab fell on children walking around an abandoned construction site, killing a 14-year-old girl and crippling a 13-year-old teenager.

Today the plot was continued: it turned out that the local authorities had long known that the children had chosen an abandoned construction site for their gatherings – and the police even conducted raids on the object, conducted educational conversations with the Ohol residents … but that’s all.

Verbal admonitions did not have much effect, and the authorities did not dare to completely demolish the “abandoned” house, since they did not know who specifically had it on the balance sheet and in the property.

In general, everything went according to the proverb – “until the thunder breaks out …”. So it burst out – and now local authorities throughout the region will have to take urgent measures, the need for which actually governor Sergei Sitnikov spoke about three years ago – that all abandoned buildings should be examined, owners should be established, and if there are none – “ abandoned “disassemble out of harm’s way.

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