Three suspects have been charged with Twitter hacking by US authorities

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US authorities have indicted the three young men for a coordinated Twitter hack that occurred on July 15. This is stated in a statement by the federal prosecutor’s office for the Northern District of California.

According to the released document, 19-year-old British resident Mason Sheppard is accused of conspiracy to commit electronic fraud, gaining unauthorized access to other people’s computer systems and money laundering.

Florida resident Nima Fasely (22 years old) was accused of complicity in gaining access to computer systems. The third defendant is a minor, so his name and identity were not disclosed in the application.

However, the WFLA television channel found out that the 17-year-old was detained in Tampa, Florida. It was he who, according to media reports, was charged with 30 charges of organized fraud, 17 charges of fraud related to communications, charges of fraudulent use of personal data and illegal access to other people’s computer or electronic devices.

The FBI and the Department of Justice were able to identify the suspect after “a comprehensive investigation across the country,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

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