Three drunk recidivist drivers caught in the Pskov region

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In the Pskov region in recent days, three drunk recidivist drivers were detained at once. As the “MK in Pskov” was told in the press service of the Russian MIA Administration for the Pskov region, the violators were identified in Pskov, as well as in Porkhovsky and Kuninsky districts.

The first person on Thursday, November 19, was the 27-year-old Mazda driver. While drunk, he rode along the Porkhov-Bottom road. The traffic police detained him for about 23 hours. The second, on Sunday, November 22, was the driver of the VAZ-21063. In his car, he drove along the Moscow-Baltic highway of the Kuninsky district. When checking the fears of the guards of law and order were confirmed – he was “in degrees.”

The third offender was stopped by the police today, 23 November. A drunk 33-year-old motorist in a VAZ-2115 was driving along Yunosti street of the regional center.

Now all drunk drivers who have been repeatedly detained while drunk during the year face criminal liability.

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