Thousands of fish froze into ice on Lake Kushkar in Bashkiria

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A resident of the Karmaskalinsky district of Bashkiria, Khamit Khusainov, published a video in which thousands of fish were frozen into the ice. According to him, in the spring the fish enter Lake Kushkar for spawning, and in the fall it returns to the Belaya River. The channel through which the fish came out was blocked.

“Now the fish accumulate and die. For some reason, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fish Conservation close their eyes. There are several lakes in the region in this position, ”Khusainov told the MediaCorSet resource.

Rybnadzor explained that there was a natural fish death due to rotting vegetation. The next death is expected in February, so the FGBU Glavrybvod plans to cut down plants to supply oxygen to the reservoir.

Earlier, scientists discovered an extremely high content of heavy metals in the water of Lake Atamanskoye in the Rostov region. Substances accumulated in bottom sediments, and then came to the surface. A comprehensive geochemical study was carried out by specialists from the Southern Federal University. According to them, for decades, wastewater from chemical and textile industries was discharged into the former floodplain Lake Atamanskoye.

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